About us


QAP Vision.

To be the recognised leader in external quality assurance in Pathology, both nationally and Internationally.

QAP Mission.

To provide resources, product, services, data and insights for assessing the diagnostic and technical proficiency of laboratories in each discipline of Pathology and for the purposes of supporting patient safety, continuing medical education and research.

A history of excellence.

The Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia, or RCPA, has long supported excellence in pathology. Initially established to maintain and improve standards and ethics, the college began its first quality control survey in 1961, when high uric acids results caused an observant orthopaedic surgeon at Royal Newcastle Hospital to question increasing incidents of gout.

Quality assurance programs began in 1968 in Chemical Pathology, Haematology, Blood Bank, Microbiology and Anatomical Pathology. These discipline-specific programs were originally offered by independent organisations that became increasingly large and complex. They flourished well into the 1980s, until in 1988, RCPA Quality Assurance Programs Pty Ltd, a company independent from but aligned with the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia, was created.

Our goal is to continue as the world leader in external quality assurance (EQA), delivering superior EQA programs to advance outcomes in patient care, and promote excellence in laboratory output.

Promoting unity and progress.

We work collaboratively with our clients and our Advisory Committees to work to develop new programs to meet the evolving needs of our participants and the practice of Pathology. Some of our recent initiatives include:

  • Refining our online enrolment portal
  • Developing our online results entry
  • Developing online reporting
  • Creating a coordinated molecular suite of programs across all pathology disciplines
  • Developing a point-of-care unit
  • Creating composite and ‘cutdown’ programs
  • Developing Training and Competency (TACA) modules across pathology disciplines.

Our green journey

At RCPAQAP, we are committed to reducing the impact of our business on the environment and encourage sustainable business practices across our organisation. Where we can, we partner with suppliers and external providers who share this vision.

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A structure for success.

Our structure is aligned with our customers and our business and has evolved to reflect the changing nature of Pathology.  From our EQAs representing each discipline of Pathology to our operational, service and areas, we are structured for responsiveness, efficiency and effectiveness and staffed by more than 70 talented individuals.

Meet the team

The QAP office.

We are based in Sydney’s St Leonards in a purpose-built office and laboratory

This world-class facility includes:

  • Laboratories for new program research and development
  • Multi-purpose training and seminar rooms with video conferencing and multiple LCD monitors
  • A molecular suite
  • A virtual microscopy suite
  • A dedicated microscopy suite with multi-header microscope and LCD monitor for on/off-site training
  • Training rooms, virtual microscopy and microscopy suites available for client use.
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Our Philanthropy

Supporting indigenous health and developing regions:

The RCPAQAP supports local and international initiatives to improve the quality of diagnostic pathology testing.

We partner with the following organisations to provide external quality assurance programs to support indigenous health and developing regions:

Community Sustainability program:

Our team is passionate about investing in the community, making a positive contribution through mutually beneficial relationships with charities, community groups, not for profits, educational institutions and the communities in which our business operates.

Our program is focused on embodying these values and empowering our staff to contribute through:

  1. Volunteering & Employee Volunteer Allowance
  2. Pro Bono skilled volunteering
  3. Company grants, fundraising & donations
  4. Team member fundraising & donations
  5. Payroll Giving

Our Community Partners:

The International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting

Sane Australia

Sydney Dogs & Cats Home