All Programs have been developed with assistance from a number of professional bodies and with significant input from participating laboratories. In line with our company’s philosophy, all Programs are intended to continually improve the practice and standards of pathology services and health of patients.

If you are an existing customer, prices for our programs can be found under the enrolments tab in your myQAP account.

Our Programs Options:

Enrolment in Full Programs require participating laboratories to submit data on all samples that they receive from the
RCPAQAP during a calendar year. Depending on the sample stability, the reference material for each program will be
provided either at the start of the calendar year (or when you enrol), or at specific times throughout the year. Refer to the
Product Catalogue for further information relating to sample dispatches for each program.

Enrolment in programs which offer a Data Management/Additional Instruments option allows material from a Full Program to be directly shared with a second instrument/method performed within the same laboratory. The submitted data will be assessed separately for this second instrument/methodology.

Additional Material may be purchased for a specific program and will incur an additional cost. This cost is for material only
and data management or analysis will not be provided. This option is useful if laboratories require additional samples for
internal quality validations.

Paperwork Only is for manufacturers who want to review the deidentified laboratory data produced from a specific program. There is no requirement for material distribution or data submission for this option.

A Supervisor’s Report is designed for a supervisor who is responsible for multiple laboratories within an organisation. All
participating laboratory data is displayed in a single report.