Our materials

Linearly related samples covering low to high and clinically significant levels.

Replicates samples repeat up to four times over 12 months, assists with trouble shooting and precision analysis.

Reference value assigned for key measurands derived from JCTLM registered laboratories.

Patient / donor samples (toxicology, porphyrins, serology / immunology).

Lyophilised samples; prepared on site (independent of commercial deliveries); designed to reflect what participants are likely to find in routine specimens in their laboratory; suitable for various methods.

Simulated environmental samples that challenge testing platforms used for the detection for select and security sensitive biological agents.

The RCPAQAP has a dedicated Logistics Team

with extensive experience in the issues relating to international shipping, and this enables seamless delivery of products. Even with the distribution challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, 98% of our products arrive within our defined distribution KPI’s.