International Enrolments

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We have international distributors throughout the world and participants in more than 80 countries. If you are interested in one of our quality assurance programs, please select your region below to find your local distributor contact details.

Can’t find a contact in your area? Please contact us directly.

Labcare de Colombia

[email protected]

Ecuador Diagnostics

[email protected]

Advanced Scientific Solutions and Supplies AMG

Ezzat Sabry: [email protected]

Prosperity Ltd

[email protected]

Metis Healthcare

Professor Sivan Kumaraswami:

[email protected]

Rhenium Medical

Avivit Brachman: [email protected]

Sciencescope Ltd 

[email protected]

Acutest Systems Sdn Bhd

[email protected]

Bona Vita Clinical Laboratories

Ms Solongo : [email protected]

Advanced Certification Pvt Ltd

[email protected]

Vikmar SAC

Victor Lavado: [email protected]

SDT Molecular Pte Ltd

[email protected]

F&M Import and Export Services

Hawa Rawat: [email protected]

Eugene Chen Co

Dan Chen: [email protected]

Panacea Medizintech LLC

Neal Prasanna Kumar: [email protected]