Towards environmental sustainability

Achievements of the RCPAQAP.

Helping to create a sustainable planet is seen as a significant responsibility to most individuals and the wider community, but increasingly important to businesses and organisations who want to minimise their environmental footprint and maximise the effective use of resources.

The RCPAQAP approach to sustainability is now embedded within the company and results achieved include:

Implementation of environmental sustainability objectives that align with the company’s strategic plan

Cost savings in the order of $800,000 over three years

Integration of an environmental management system into our existing quality management system

A reduction by half in the amount of printed paper used onsite

Thinking green with recycling and purchasing, including life cycle of products

A reduction by half in the amount of plastic used in packaging survey materials

Correct separation of general, hazardous and recyclable waste

Cultural change among staff members

Preference for suppliers with environmental credentials

Energy consumption reduced from an average of 46000kW to 33000kW per month representing a 28% decrease over 3 years