Molecular Genetics

TP53 Deletions at 17p13.1 in CLL (FISH)

In collaboration with Australasian Society of Diagnostic Genomics (ASDG), this module qualitatively assesses laboratory performance in the detection of TP53 deletions at 17p13.1 in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) using fluorescence in-situ hybridisation (FISH).

Catalogue Number


Frequency (No of surveys/year)


Cases/samples per survey


Sample Type

Interphase nuclei (bone marrow)

Sample volume

Two slides provided in each case


Molecular/cytogenetic testing for TP53 deletion in 17p13.1.

Storage and Handling

Store samples at room temperature or according to your standard operating procedure, upon receipt.

Additional Comments

Available to order in myQAP under the Haematology Discipline

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