Participant Handbook

The RCPAQAP welcomes you to our 2024 enrolment year

Dear Customer,

Welcome to the 2024 enrolment year. We are introducing a number of new EQA programs in 2024 and you can find these details here in our online product catalogue. All EQA programs are now on the new myQAP portal, and we have continued to develop the analytics capability to improve the value of our products.

I continue to acknowledge the input into our programs from the Fellows, our Board of Directors, and Scientists on our many Advisory Committees. They continue to provide us with expert and contemporary knowledge on the
problems laboratories face and how we should tailor our programs to ensure our EQA programs meet your needs.

As always, we aim to provide you with the best-in-class EQA programs that facilitate the assessment of performance by peer group comparison.

With regards




Tony Badrick
Chief Executive Officer

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