RCPAQAP achieves certification to ISO 14001:2015

December 14, 2018 12:30 pm


Helping to create a sustainable planet is seen as a significant responsibility to most individuals and the wider community, but increasingly important to businesses and organisations who want to minimise their environmental footprint and maximise the effective use of resources. As a measure of commitment to the ‘greening’ of the organisation, certification to ISO 14001:2015 standard “Environmental Management Systems” assists an organisation to minimise any harmful environmental impact as a result of its operation, comply with existing laws, regulations and other environmental requirements and embrace steps to continually improve environmental performance.

The RCPAQAP is pleased to announce that certification to ISO 14001 was recently achieved. Opportunities to reduce waste and reuse and recycle materials have been identified in relation to paper and printer usage, electricity consumption, waste disposal and supplier selection. There have been improved environmental awareness and performance across the organisation, business efficiencies, cost savings, regulatory compliance and reduced risk of business disruption.

Since the implementation process began, there has been a cultural change at the RCPAQAP, with the environmental issues given the same importance as the quality and workplace health and safety management systems in all business decisions.


Please view our full environmental policy here