The RCPAQAP are delighted to be partnered with QCMD for the provision of their EQA schemes for Australian Laboratories.

As a result, you are now able to enrol in QCMD’s programs through the RCPAQAP customer portal, myQAP, which is an advantage for the following reasons;

  • The convenience of being able to enrol in both company’s programs via our customer portal, myQAP
  • A reduction in importation fees for Australian laboratories

Unfortunately, RCPAQAP does not have an import licence for all QCMD programs so the following products must be ordered directly through the QCMD website. Any enrolment or program enquiries received from international customers cannot be processed by RCPAQAP and will need to contact QCMD directly at info@qcmd.org

Program Code Material
ARBO22 Arthropod-borne viruses
NTM22 Atypical mycobacterium
BABESIA22 Babesia
GastroB22 Bacterial Gastroenteritis
CVRNA22 Coronavirus
CHAGAS22 Chagas
FRATUL22 Francisella tularensis
INFTP22 Influenza Typing
MALARIA22 Malaria
MERS22 MERS coronavirus
MTBDR22 Mycobacterium tuberculosis Drug Resistance
RESPIplus22 Respiratory I
SCV2_22 SARS-CoV-2
SCV2Ag22 SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Testing
TTV22 Torque teno virus
NGSmeta_22 Viral Metagenomics NGS
WNVRNA22 West Nile virus
YFV22 Yellow fever virus