The RCPAQAP are delighted to be partnered with the EMQN for the provision of their External Quality Assessment (EQA) or Proficiency Testing (PT) schemes for Australia and New Zealand Laboratories.

The EMQN schemes are designed to test the whole analytical process of a molecular diagnostics laboratory including the ability to interpret data in the light of clinical information supplied with a referral and to produce a clear and accurate report.

As a result of this partnership, customers are now able to enrol in EMQN’s programs through the RCPAQAP customer portal, myQAP. This offers the following advantages:

  • The convenience of being able to enrol in both company’s programs via our customer portal, myQAP
  • A reduction in importation fees for Australasian laboratories

EMQN Product Categories

Constitutional postnatal testing EQA schemes
Germline mutation testing EQA schemes
Molecular Pathology EQA schemes – DNA
Molecular Pathology EQA schemes – Plasma
Molecular Pathology EQA schemes – Tissue (FFPE)
Pharmacogenetic EQA schemes
Prenatal (including non-invasive testing) EQA schemes
Technique process specific EQA schemes

For more information on the EMQN schemes offered please visit their website.

For all general enquiries, please contact the EMQN directly at [email protected]