Data Analysis and Assessment Criteria Handbook



The RCPAQAP Pty Ltd provides pathology laboratories with External Quality Assurance programs for assessing the diagnostic and technical proficiency of laboratories in each discipline of Pathology and for the purposes of supporting patient safety, continuing medical education and research.

Over recent years the RCPAQAP has developed a new software platform to host a collection of survey data and issue of reports as well as a new customer facing portal to facilitate customer interaction and feedback.  The continued development of these combined platforms ensures the RCPAQAP can provide a world class user experience.

In 2023, all RCPAQAP programs will be hosted on the new platform and will adopt a harmonised approach to analysing survey data and assessing participant performance.  The new improved reporting system has been developed to better illustrate peer group comparison based on all survey results or from the main variable in a test method (measurement system, kit method etc). The reports will also provide customers with a detailed review of method performance, if available, and a cumulative review of the survey performance in each report.

This booklet provides our customers with information and instructions on the data analysis systems used to assess performance in all RCPAQAP disciplines.  There is commonality between disciplines on how performance is assessed, and this continues to be harmonised.  Customers should be directed to the relevant section to view the assessment criteria for their pathology discipline.

As new report styles are released for newly hosted programs in 2023, a guide to interpret the reports will be available on the myQAP help page, once release of the first survey report.   

As we move forward we will endeavour to provide you with the highest quality service to further enhance your quality management system.

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John Sioufi
Manager User Experience


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