Training And Competency Assessment

The Training and Competency Assessment project was successfully piloted in 2012 with the aim of introducing online Training and Competency Assessment modules aimed at scientists working in pathology laboratories.  The modules being developed are intended to support laboratory technical training and as a resource for continuing education. RCPAQAP is working with experts to ensure the modules meet participants learning needs.

Online Haematology Morphology – a new initiative

This valuable education and competency resource is suitable for both medical scientists and haematology registrars.

It has been compiled by a group of expert haematology morphology scientists at NSW Health Pathology headed by Gillian Rozenberg FAIMS, FFSc(RCPA) and features:

  • Sections on red cells, white cells and platelets and an adjunct section on paediatric haematology morphology.
  • Educational modules with voiceover and high quality virtual images followed by competency assessment questions.
  • 65 cases studies of common and rare adult and paediatric disorders including, where relevant, flow cytometry dot plots, cytogenetic karyotypes and FISH images.
  • Use of current ICSH blood cell nomenclature.
  • Electron micrographic images to aid in understanding of particular red cell changes.
  • Facility for generation of competency certificates and AIMS APACE points.
  • Ongoing addition of extra case studies.

Gillian Rozenberg presentation on Online Haematology Morphology course at the 2016 RCPA Pathology Update

Online modules

Modules available are:

  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control (Basic scientists level):  This module is suitable for multi-test analysers in Chemical Pathology/Haematology/Immunology and will attract 6 APACE points upon successful completion
  • Snake and snake bite:  The role of the pathology laboratories; this module will attract 6 APACE points upon successful completion
  • Pre-Analytical Module – Select safe sites for venepuncture; this module will attract 6 APACE points upon successful completion
  • Cytopathology Module 1 – Anatomy of the Female Genital Tract *
  • Cytopathology Module 2 – Cytological Identification of normal epithelial cells and other cellular components of cervical and vaginal smears *
  • Online Haematology Morphology course.

* These module are eligible for the Australian Society of Cytology Continuing Education for Cytologists (CEC) program for non-medical members. Refer to Category 2 “Computer based learning”.

Instructions on how to enrol in these modules can be viewed here >> HOW TO – Enrol in TACA Modules


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