myQAP Single sign-on for Result Entry

March 1, 2017 2:19 pm

From Wednesday 1st March 2017 8 PM AEDT, access to result entry will also be delivered via myQAP. Participants will require just one myQAP username and password to access all of their result entry services. Once accessed, the existing result entry screens will be displayed. Please see the following document link for further details – HOW TO: Access Result Entry

By default, all active contacts for a given participant will be granted access to perform result entry. If there are contacts that should be restricted from performing result entry, please raise a support request via the myQAP ‘Requests’ tab detailing the corresponding discipline, participant number and contact details.

If you do not currently have access to the myQAP portal, please liaise with the primary contact for your participant/laboratory, who can facilitate your access as a myQAP participant contact.

Please see the following document link for further details – HOW TO: Maintain Contact Information

It is envisaged that a two-month transition period, while both systems are operating, will provide participants with time to adjust to the new process and ensure all staff are provided with access to the myQAP portal. After this time, the legacy online result entry login websites will be disabled.

We have responded to your feedback and would welcome any comments.

Best regards,
RCPAQAP Customer Service